I'm a news reporter for the Buckingham and Winslow Advertiser

My patch is North Bucks, but I also write council stories for The Bucks Herald (both titles are produced by Johnston Press). For a full list of front pages, and to see some of my work, check out this blog post. Other projects include:

Flight delays

Planning a holiday this summer? This calculator I helped the BBC with during a summer internship will tell you the average delay that your planned flight might suffer.


Students from Black backgrounds in Buckinghamshire schools are expelled at a rate 3.5x higher than white children. This data story combines county stats with national numbers, with graphs made with QGIS.

Rail anger

With the Telegraph, I scraped tweets around rail passenger anger following a Southern Rail strike. The result: lots of expressive swearing. Data analysis in R.


A University project: Guns N Roses were celebrating 30 years on from their debut album. Scraping Setlist.fm with Python, I proved that your first hits are always the fan favourites.


Facebook Live polls, BBC VR projects, podcasts: here are a selection of articles written for the award-winning journalism blog Interhacktives.


I'd love to hear from you, especially if you have any story ideas - ryan.watts@jpress.co.uk. Need to get in touch but want to keep it secure? PGP: 6516 0F28 6F48 66F8 D8DE A391 9F40 8284 40AB 0A8B